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Родезийские риджбеки
Родезийский риджбек
Щенки риджбека

Rhodesian Ridgeback 

Rhodesian Ridgeback is a diamond which is able to shine equally on Dog shows and surprize Russian hunters by his perfect working qualities.

Our work goes far from the concept of just "breeding kennel", we believe it is most important to maintain and develop Rhodesian Ridgeback’s working qualities and sports. Our goal is to help the owner in growing healthy, beautiful, smart dog.

July 03, 2017

3 boys and 2 girls were born as of July 04 2017! 

Thanks to his natural athlete's data, Ridgeback can be an excellent companion to a sportsman and conquer in agility rings, with an enthusiasm to catch plates and win in frisbee competitions, successfully perform in freestyle.

A dog with wonderful natural data is powerful and beautiful, always attracts public attention, and if well-mannered - impresses people and gives real pleasure to the owner.

Long awaited puppies were born May 02 2017.

The first and unique litter in Russia!

Reservation is open.

Hunting dog used for hunting the hare, the roedeer, the fox and sometimes the boar.  He hunts in an independent manner giving tongue.  Even on difficult terrains, searches and hunts with great determination.  
The Swiss Hound has very ancient origins.  His presence in times of the Roman Helvetia is certified on a mosaic, discovered at Avenches, by the representation of packhounds corresponding to the varieties of Swiss hounds. 

July 03, 2017

3 boys and 2 girls were born as of July 04 2017. 

Spitz  breeds  are  captivating  on account of their beautiful coats, made to stand off by plentiful undercoat.  Particularly impressive is the strong, mane-like collar round the neck (ruff) and the bushy tail carried boldly over the back. The foxy head with alert eyes and the small pointed, closely set ears give the Spitz his unique characteristic, cheeky appearance.

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Help and supervision.

Rhodesian Ridgeback was bred in South Africa as hunting & farm dog. Its excellent working qualities imported from his homeland, Africa, allows us to develop them here in Russia.

Rhodesian Ridgeback Abba

Abba, she looks like her mother, but is very different.

Gentle and timid, but at the same time she is extreme gambler.

Spoiled, but showing the ability to hunt, as well as her mother does and as her mother madly loving LC.

It is the only Russian Ridgeback, who closed the Champion's title in Finland according to Finnish rules- 5 competitions in two different seasons.She has some country’ show titles  and diplomas of LC and hunt.

She likes hunting and any other sport’s activities, and if she was trained as much as her mother Kjara, she could have reached the same heights.  

But she is spoiled child, accommodating and sensible, offensive at trifles, but easily appeased.

She is just a celebration & joy dog.

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