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3 boys and 2 girls were born as of July 04 2017!!!

Rhodesian Ridgeback Abba
Ave Caesar Abba Dancing Queen


Puppies Rhodesian ridgebacks

3 boys and 2 girls 

Shuffling Motion Luxor


Rhodesian ridgeback Luxor
Our Team

Награды, титулы, тесты

Беря щенка, я еще не знала, что в моих руках окажется такой бриллиант, который равно будет блистать на выставках и удивлять традиционных российских охотников великолепными рабочими качествами как подружейная собака.

Уже в полгода у Кьяры выявились прекрасные способности к охоте. И она сейчас является одной из немногих родезийских риджбеков в России , имеющих дипломы высшей степени по кабануи барсуку. Ее неповторимый охотничий азарт , стремление достичь своей цели заставило нас, не охотников, стать таковыми , ради собаки.

Азартна она во всем- ее стремление быть только первой и приводит к многочисленным победам, в том числе и в такой спортивной дисциплине, как курсинг.

  • Она единственный двукратный абсолютный чемпион по курсингу среди РР в России,

  • Является неоднократным победителем Чемпионатов по курсингу среди борзых пород.

  • Кьяра- первый Российский риджбек , обладатель финского бегового рабочего титула CACL

  • Победитель Зимнего Чемпионата в Мустиала, Финляндия.

Kennel "Arbitrum Liberum" (Moscow, Russia) presents R-litter!

Long awaited puppies were born May 02 2017

Swiss hound
Felicita Lady Bardotte


Swiss hound puppies

5 girls and 3 boys

Swiss hound
Hubert Lady Bardotte


3 boys and 2 girls were born as of July 04!!!

German Spitz are descendants of the stone age « Peat Dogs » (Torfhund) « Canis familiaris palustris Rüthimeyer » and the later Lake Dweller’s (Pfahlbau) Spitz; they are the oldest breed of dog in Central Europe. 

Spitz breeds are captivating on account of their beautiful coats, made to stand off by plentiful undercoat.

German Spitz
Simba Mechta Moya Ryzhaya


German Spitz puppies

3 boys and 2 girls 

German Spitz
Izumrud iz Donskoy Liberii


More photos of our dogs

How did our story begin?

Since my childhood, I dreamed of a dog. First, I dreamed about abstract dog, in general, but when I accidentally came across a book about dogs of Joan Palmer, I saw a portrait of a  majestic Ridged dog. The picture did not come out of my head - there were no such a breed in Russia, and I began to search and wait for her, My dog.

And so, after much thought and searching Ridgeback Ridgeback came in to my house, Her Majesty Podarok iz Afriki Bliss Bounty. (Kiara) ,the name of kennel is translated as “gift from Africa”.

Taking a puppy, I did not know that such a brilliant already dropped into my hands, that will still shine at dog shows and will surprise conservative Russian hunters by her excellent working qualities as a gun dog.
As early as six months, Kiara revealed excellent ability to hunt.
And it is now one of the few Rhodesian Ridgebacks in Russia, who hold a license to the highest degree –boar & badger. Her unique hunting passion, the desire to achieve her goal made us, not hunters, to become so, for the sake of this dog.

She is excitable in all kind of activities, her desire to be always the first leads to numerous victories, including ones in such sports disciplines as Lure Coursing.
She is unique two-time Russian Lure-coursing Champion among Rhodesian Ridgebacks, the first Russian ridgeback having Finish working LC title CACL, the winner of Mustiala Winter Coursing.

With the same passion and joy she is engaged in Frisbee,  tried with success as rescue dog , she likes agility very much.
To date, my Kiara has numerous titles including International Champion , Champion of National breed club, at the same time .
being one of the best hunting Ridgebacks in Russia, she took part in a real hunt.
She is terrific “Universal soldier”, as well as simply the Best Friend with wise human eyes. Having the ability to look into Your soul and make us better, kinder and wiser.

I had the great fortune – having such a Ridgeback and I am immensely thankful that she lives with me in my  house, my unique and unrepeatable beloved Kiara !

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